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Making art is a complex process, and although it takes a genius to create a masterpiece, all artists have the ability to create wonderful pieces. studio goppo serves local artists and the community by providing them with the best tools for getting inspired and creating art. We provide classes and studio space for people to come in and develop their crafts. Find out more information and join us today.

Now, we are accepting applications for Artist residency & Private tutorial for 2024-25


Who we are

‘Studio Goppo’, as we have named it, is an initiative towards developing a space for enhancing the understanding of historical photography practice primarily. ‘Goppo’ is a Bengali word, means small stories which further defines the purpose behind establishing this studio that is to bring together all those small stories, ideas, practices and research around the world of photography. Hence it consequentially invites the story around memory, evidence, identity, history of culture, and so on.

Although the studio is dedicated to photographic practices but our approach in developing it would be multidisciplinary. We believe that each and every subject we specialized is interwoven. They get a dynamic, flourishing stance only when there is multidisciplinary outlook. Our studio would enhance and achieve from the collaboration of various opinions, inventions and perceptions.


The studio welcomes Artist, Art historians, people working with social history, doing research on 19th century photography, working with photographic chemistry, and anyone who is interested to learn or explore handmade photography. 



  • · To re-visit the techniques and practices during the late 19th and early 20th-century photography practice.

  • · We are interested in establishing an archive of traditional, local methodology which exists or existed for photographic practices in India.

  • We have a small library dedicated to 19th-century photography, critical writings on photography, and contemporary photographic practice. Developing this library is one of our primary objectives. 

  • · The studio highlights the historical, theoretical and documentary-based research works related to photography; thus, 'Goppo', as a studio, would be enhancing both practical and theoretical experiments in photography.

  • Our studio’s vision is to create a common larger platform where like-minded visionaries could come together, generating a flux of further possibilities, opinions, ideas and photography practice.

What we do

A Home for creative practice

The studio offers expertise and infrastructure for Artist, Research scholar and any one who is interested around the idea of handmade photography.We offers workshops on various historical photographic process time to time .The studio is building a library dedicated to 19th century photography and contemporary practice. we are  now   offering  ‘Artist in residency’ programme .

Process we work with



Chromium-based process

  1. · Gum dichromate ( Multi color and B&W)

  2. · Carbon Print ( Multicolour and B&W)

  3. · Dust on Print

Iron-based Process

  1. · Cyanotype ( Classical process)

  2. · Cyanotype ( Newly invented by this studio for print and making photographs)

Silver-based Process:

  1. · Salt Print

  2. · Albumen print

  3. · Gelatin POP

  4. · Collodion Paper

  5. · Silver Gelatin ( for print and making photographs)

  6. · Wet Plate Collodion ( For making negative)

  7. · Ambrotype ( Wet plate collodion to make positive)

  8. · Calotype or talbotype

Iron & Silver based process

  1. · Kalliotype

  2. · Vandyke brown

  3. · Other newly invented processes.

Krishanu is here with us to make ambrotype.jpg
nov2017 199.jpg


'Studio Goppo' is starting  with private tutorials. These tutorials aim to accommodate interested people who might not be able to attend our pre-scheduled workshops. One can select their convenient time and interested medium. Initial step is to fill the registration form on bases of which we will mutually decide and finalize the schedule. The fees structure will depend on the process one select and the duration it will take towards its accomplishment.


Presently we are offering tutorials on multiple medium listed below.


Chromium base

  • · Gum dichromate ( Multi color and B&W)

  • · Dust on Print

Iron base

  • · Cyanotype ( Classical process)

  • · Cyanotype ( Newly invented by this studio for print and making photograph)

Silver base:

  • Salt Print

  • Albumen print

  • Silver Gelatin Emulsion Paper 

  • Silver Gelatin Emulsion dry plate film

  • Calotype wax paper negative

  • Wet Plate Collodion ( For making negative)

  • Ambrotype ( Wet plate collodion to make positive)

Iron & Silver based:

  • · Kallitype

  • · Vandyke brown


We are looking for original writings on photography. We are interested to publish essay on photography research, contemporary photography practice, experiment, technical experiments, documentation etc.



We are looking for original writings on photography. We are interested to publish essay on photography research, contemporary photography practice, experiment, technical experiments, documentation etc.

Welcome to our workshops on alternative photography, where we invite artists and photographers to explore the exciting world of 19th-century photographic processes. Our workshops offer a unique opportunity to create stunning images using traditional techniques that require a deeper understanding of chemistry, equipment, and climate.

By joining our workshops, you'll learn how to make analogue photographs and tap into your creativity like never before. In a world where digital technology has become the norm, our alternative approach to image-making offers a refreshing change.

Our workshops are open to everyone, whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner. We encourage you to step away from the technological hype and experience the joy of creating your own photographs with your own hands. With endless possibilities and a supportive community, our workshops are the perfect place to explore and expand your creative horizons. Join us today and discover the beauty of alternative photography!


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