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'Studio Goppo' Private tutorials are intended to provide intense training on the methods of the 19th-century photography process listed below. It is a training programme where there will be only one participant interacting with the mentor.  We provide a residential environment where an artist will stay and work. The studio & Library will be available all the time, hence the participant can explore the medium, process, and artistic possibilities. A regular discussion about the work of the participant, works of other artists & contemporary practice is part of this tutorial.

The participants are requested to select their convenient time and medium. The initial step is to fill the registration form, based on which we will mutually decide and finalize the schedule. The fee structure is depending on the process and its duration. 

Presently we are offering tutorials on the following process: 



  • Gum bichromate Black & White 

  • Color Gum Bichromate 

  • Black & White Carbon Print

  • Color Carbon Print 

  • Dust on Print


  • Cyanotype ( Classical process)

  • Cyanotype ( Newly invented by this studio for print and making photographs)


  • Salt Print

  • Albumen print

  • Silver Gelatin Emulsion Paper 

  • Silver Gelatin Emulsion dry plate film

  • Calotype wax paper negative

  • Wet Plate Collodion Negative ( For making Glass plate negative)

  • Ambrotype ( Wet plate collodion to make positive)

Iron & Silver based:

  • KaIlitype

  • Vandyke brown

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