'Studio Goppo' is starting  with private tutorials. These tutorials aim to accommodate interested people who might not be able to attend our pre-scheduled workshops. One can select their convenient time and interested medium. Initial step is to fill the registration form on bases of which we will mutually decide and finalize the schedule. The fees structure will depend on the process one select and the duration it will take towards its accomplishment.


Presently we are offering tutorials on multiple medium listed below.


Chromium base

· Gum bichromate ( Multi color and B&W)

· Dust on Print

Iron base

· Cyanotype ( Classical process)

· Cyanotype ( Newly invented by this studio for print and making photograph)

Silver base:

  • Salt Print

  • Albumen print

  • Silver Gelatin Emulsion Paper 

  • Silver Gelatin Emulsion dry plate film

  • Calotype wax paper negative

  • Wet Plate Collodion ( For making negative)

  • Ambrotype ( Wet plate collodion to make positive)

Iron & Silver based:

· KaIlitype

· Vandyke brown