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'Studio Goppo' offers private tutorials for photography professionals, enthusiasts, and lens-based artists looking to expand their skill set and explore new techniques. Our personalized training is designed to provide intensive guidance on 19th-century photography processes, where only one participant will interact with the mentor.

Our tutorials take place in a residential environment, allowing participants to stay and work in a creative space available 24/7. Our studio and library are fully equipped, allowing participants to experiment with different mediums, processes, and artistic possibilities. Regular discussions on participants' works and those of other artists and contemporary practices are part of the tutorial.

We understand your time is valuable, so we allow you to select your preferred time and medium. To begin, fill out our registration form, and we will work with you to finalize your schedule. Our fees vary depending on the process and duration of the tutorials.

Currently, we offer tutorials on various processes, including,


  • Gum Bichromate (Black & White and Color),

  • Carbon Print (Black & White and Color),

  • Dust on Print,

  • Cyanotype (Classical and Newly Invented),

  • Salt Print,

  • Albumen Print,

  • Silver Gelatin Emulsion Paper and Dry Plate Film,

  • Calotype Wax Paper Negative,

  • Wet Plate Collodion Negative (For making Glass Plate Negative),

  • Ambrotype (Wet Plate Collodion to Make Positive),

  •  Iron & Silver-based processes like Kallitype and Vandyke Brown.

  • Digital Negative

Join Studio Goppo's private tutorials to gain new skills, experiment with different techniques, and take your photography and art to the next level.

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