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Artist in Artist's Residence

Studio Goppo

An artist-run residency programme


Overview: Studio Goppo, a studio established 5 years ago by an artist couple, located in their house premises, in Santiniketan, India.  This is a research studio for photographic history. A studio which is dedicated to explore, collect, rebuilt the history of photography from a contemporary perspective. Studio Goppo offers workshop & tutorials on historical photography process like wet plate collodion, salt and albumen print, calotype, kallitype, gum print and so on to make the research activity sustainable. On the other hand, it offers an internship for the students and researchers to revisit the history of photography. One of the main intentions of studio Goppo is to make awareness, develop a position to appreciate through providing training to the artist.

Artist in a residency programme is our new initiative, which we were dreaming for since we built this studio. We wanted to design ' Artist in artist's residence' as a concept which is an artist-run residency for other fellow artists.  

Objective: From the last 5 years of experience we found that a long term practice and interaction is needed for someone to realize the core area hidden behind our practice. It is not merely working with the photographic process, or redeveloping the old form of photography. But it is to revisit the surrounding for materials, stories exploration of new possibility, to re-looking the issue of self, identity, and sustainability. Our method of working is to address the core issue in the present context, and hence the process is interdisciplinary which involves fields like chemistry, traditional craft, history, literature, bookmaking, papermaking, performance, camera making, and handmade photography.

We are looking for artist, writer, chemist or any creative people who could possibly use our infrastructure, knowledge to realize a project or a body of work. We are looking for a creative person with whom we could build a long-term creative artistic relation which will be initiated by this artist residency programme.


Disciplines and media

  • Visual Artist

  • Historical Photographic process ( Calotype, Wet Plate Collodion, silver gelatin emulsion, gum print, Salt Print, Cyanotype, Albumen Print, Dusting on process, Vandyke brown, kallitype)

  • Photo History 

  • Photo Mechanical printmaking 

  • Photographic Chemistry 

  • Photo Archiving 

  • Photo bookmaking

  • Graphic novel/ story/ bookmaking

  • Papermaking

  • Photo Historian

  • Material explorer

Past Resident Artists: 



Process of application: through Digital Application form 

Application Form 

Documents you need to submit. 


1)    Personal Details

a)    Name

b)    Permanent Address

c)    Phone No, Email Address

d)    A photo of you

2)    Professional details (CV)

a)    Education

b)    Experience

c)    Exhibition/ publication/ performance, etc

d)    Website/ facebook page/ Instagram 

3)    A Project Proposal ( 1000 words)

a)    Why and how do you think our space will be appropriate for your proposal ( you may communicate with us to understand  our position prior to your application) 

b)    A tentative plane for exhibition/ performance/ talk ( this is to have an idea which will evolve and may change during the residency)

4)    Example of your work (images could be sent by email, send video web link)


For Application Assistance one may contact us by e mail ( or by Phone / whatsApp : +91-9800268868


Number of artists’ resident at one time

•    01

Duration & fees:

The minimum duration is two weeks and the maximum duration is two months, the residency fee will be communicated on inquiry.

Residency fees do not include

  • Travel

  • Chemicals & Materials

  • Food

  • Insurance

  • Assistant

  • Tutorial

Expectations of the artist

  • Presentation

  • Exhibition

Selection procedure

•    By Committee

Presentation of artists' work

•    Exhibition at the end of Residency


•    Internet Connection

•    Library

•    Kitchen

•    Equipment

•    Studio

Number of studios

•    01

Type and size of studios

•    Shared Studio


Studio Space: It is a common studio which the resident artist will share with other artists. We have a 140sqft darkroom which is ready to work with, homemade silver-gelatin dry plate, homemade silver gelatin emulsion paper, gum print, cyanotype, kallitype, dusting on the process, calotype, develop out salted paper, wet plate collodion, dry plate collodion and so on.


Accommodation: The residency space is an air-conditioned room with attached private bathroom and a pantry with an open balcony. The room is for one person but could accommodate another one for a short period. The space has a wifi connection with all-electric cooking equipment and refrigerator. It has a dedicated space for the kitchen garden and resident artists are encouraged to take part in gardening. Space is on the first floor of the studio space.


Equipment: We are having 11 no of wooden plate camera of various sizes, enlargers, UV printing unit, laboratory equipment, desecrater, magnetic stirrer cum heater, etc. wood and metalworking tools, printmaking tools, screen-printing setup etc. we have a library dedicated to the historical photographic process, photography history and critical writing on photography.  A bicycle will be provided for daily convince.


Expertise: A dedicated workshop/ tutorials on-demand or expertise related theoretical and practical issues and an assistant to realize the project is available during the residency programme. 


Working language(s)

•    English 

•    Bangla

•    Hindi

Other activities happening at the space


•    Workshops

•    Private tutorial

•    Presentation

•    Exhibitions


How to reach: Air: Kolkata ( CCU) NSB International airport is around 200KM from studio Goppo, connected by road and rail Train: Bolpur Santiniketan ( BHP) is the nearest railway station around 4 km away from studio Goppo. Road: Well connected by road with Kolkata.

Contact for any further details  : 

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