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Studio Goppo Workshop 2023

Workshop on Colour Gum Dichromate Print:  

12th to 14th Aug 


Gum print is a unique contact printing method that uses a sensitized gum coating with pigment to create an image. When exposed to UV light, the coating becomes insoluble in water, resulting in pigmented shadows and clean highlights during the development process.

Our Approach:

We explore the versatility of color gum printing, a rare historical printing process. Learn how to create digital negatives from your color digital images in either RGB or CMYK mode. Discover paper preparation techniques and color selection methods. This workshop focuses on sharing knowledge and techniques for creating color gum bichromate prints.

Workshop Overview:

  • Processing color digital images for printing

  • Choosing between RGB or CMYK negatives

  • Creating color digital negatives and adjusting curves

  • Selecting and preparing paper for color gum printing

  • Registration, chemical preparation, brushes, and colors

  • Balancing exposure time and tonality

  • Different developing processes

Workshop Fees: INR 20,000 (18-hour training, including all materials, assistance, lunch or dinner, tea, and coffee)

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Develop-out Salt Print

16th to 18th Aug 2022


The developed-out salted paper print, introduced by the notable French photographer Louis Désiré Blanquart-Evrard, stands as a captivating variation of the traditional salted paper print. Unlike its predecessor, the printed-out salted paper print, which required the paper to remain in the printing frame until the desired density was achieved, the developed-out process followed a different path.

In the developed-out salted paper print, the sensitized paper was exposed to light for a shorter duration, allowing the image to gradually emerge. This unique approach lent the prints greater control over the final density, achieving specific tonal effects. To bring forth the full visibility of the image, the paper was treated with gallic acid, acting as a developer, before being fixed.

One remarkable aspect of developed-out salted paper prints was their exceptional light stability, surpassing that of their printed-out counterparts. Additionally, these prints boasted cool, neutral tones, often resembling shades of black. Despite these qualities, the developed-out process proved challenging, leading to its limited popularity among photographers.

Nonetheless, the developed-out salted paper print stands as a testament to the creative experimentation and innovation within the realm of early photographic processes, reflecting the dedication of photographers like Blanquart-Evrard in pushing the boundaries of the medium.

Workshop Overview:

  • Preparing the salted paper 

  • Making the negative

  • Exposure details 

  • Printing using enlarger

  • Developing the print

  • Finishing the print

Workshop Fees: INR 20,000 (18-hour training, including all materials, assistance, lunch or dinner, tea, and coffee)

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Digital negative 

19th to 21st Aug


Creating an accurate digital negative is an essential aspect of achieving high-quality prints in historical photography printmaking. The process of making a digital negative involves careful consideration of factors such as the printer, paper, printing process, and exposure setup, as they greatly influence the outcome. Understanding the intricacies of digital negative making specific to your unique conditions is vital.

In this workshop, we will explore different approaches to comprehend the digital negative-making process. We will delve into the creation of digital negatives using dye-based inkjet printers and focus on customizing the negative-making workflow for individual setups. This knowledge can be applied to any historical printmaking method.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of digital negatives, participants will enhance their ability to produce accurate and well-crafted prints in historical photography. This workshop aims to empower photographers with the skills and techniques necessary to navigate the complexities of the digital negative-making process, ultimately elevating the quality and precision of their printmaking endeavours.

Workshop Overview:

  • Understanding the Digital Negative 

  • Introduction to QTR RIP and EDN and other digital negative-making systems

  • Understanding of Inkjet printers, Printing paper and ink

  • Making of Photoshop curve 

  • Negative printing 

  • Exploring the negative for various printmaking processes like cyanotype/ Gum Print/ Salt print etc. 

Workshop Fees: INR 20,000 (18-hour training, including all materials, assistance, lunch or dinner, tea, and coffee)

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26th &27th Aug 


Welcome to an innovative and imaginative workshop that pushes the boundaries of traditional gum bichromate printmaking. In contrast to the conventional approach, this workshop will focus on harnessing the inherent painterly qualities that the gum bichromate process can offer. Prepare to embark on a journey that explores the use of opaque colors for printmaking and embraces unconventional image-making techniques, such as incorporating real objects instead of relying solely on digital negatives.

This workshop is designed to be an experimental and creative experience, aimed at fostering a deep understanding of printmaking through the interplay of light and the exploration of the unique aesthetic of gum prints. By delving into this realm, we aim to create a bridge between the realms of photography and painting, blending the two disciplines in a harmonious and expressive manner.

Participants will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, pushing the boundaries of traditional printmaking techniques to create visually stunning and evocative artworks. Through hands-on experimentation and guided exploration, this workshop aims to inspire participants to unlock new artistic possibilities, encouraging a fresh perspective on the convergence of photography and painting.

Join us on this captivating journey as we delve into the realm of experimental printmaking, where artistic expression knows no bounds.

Workshop fees: 10 K (12 hours of training, including all materials, assistance, launch or dinner, tea, and coffee )

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